Although Silver has a GPS we mostly steer by visual slight and markers.  One of the makers we picked up early was the four smokestacks directly south of Norwalk on Long Island.  When those four smokestacks line up in a row and you can only see I stack they point across the Sound to Norwalk and our Marina.  Kinda handy have a big marker like that on sunny days. 

Yesterday, on a beautiful October afternoon, we decided to get a closer look at the smokestacks. For this trip Ryan came with us.  Little did he know that we needed to empty the waste tank and he would get the “honour” of hooking up the waste hose to  tank to pump it out.  It needed to done and he did the job of the good son and sucked out the waste.  With a cleaned out boat we headed out. Ryan did a great job taking us across the Sound and getting us close to the power plant in Northport, NY.

We passed the off shore oil loading facility on the way to power plant located in the Long Island town of Northport.  From the Silver the town of Northport looked like a beach town with many house along the shore with steps going down to sandy beaches and large public beach a ways up the shore from the power plant.  After crusing the Long Island shore we headed back to Norwalk and relaxed after a great day on Long Island Sound.

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Canadian, Foodie, Boater, Type 2 Diabetic, Poker Player, Healthcare eMarketing and Strategy guy. Father of four, Grandfather of 5
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